Energy Exchange

Two U of M professors spent the year co-teaching in local elementary classrooms as part of CEHD’s Teacher Education Redesign Initiative.


from Connect magazine, Fall 2015

A class of eager third-graders are barely keeping themselves in their seats.

“Gibbous!” “Crescent!” “First quarter!” they call out as their hands shoot into the air.

In this elementary science classroom, today’s lesson is all about the moon. Some students stand and model the lunar cycle, using labeled signs, a bright yellow exercise ball, and their own bodies to represent the moon’s different phases.

At the front of the room, not one but two teachers facilitate the activity and ask questions. Amy Wittmann, a science specialist at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus in Saint Paul, and Barbara Billington, a science education specialist from the U, are co-teaching together this year.

Read the rest of the article here.


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